for its Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation Program - currently only 2 in the Greater Metropolitan Area with a Spinal Cord Specialty Program Focus. This decision represents the highest level of accreditation awarded to an organization after undertaking a rigorous peer review process and demonstrates to a team of surveyors during on-site inquisition that its programs and services are accountable, measurable & of the highest quality. Preferred Rehabilitation has demonstrated that it meets international standards of quality & is committed to pursuing unsurpassed medical standards in excellence.

Preferred Rehabilitation

We provide a unique multidisciplinary approach using the latest technical advancements in rehabilitation to treat patients with pain and physical limitations caused by injuries.

For nearly 25 years, we have helped thousands recover from pain and injuries with our one of a kind combination of personalized, hands-on techniques and technical expertise.

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About Us

Our Mission

Improving the quality of our patients’ lives by partnering with the brightest practitioners, most effective methodologies and cutting-edge technological advances to deliver stellar rehabilitative services.

Holding Hands, Not Obstacles

We hand-hold our patients through every step offering constant communication between our patients, their therapists, trainers, in house and outside doctors, family members, transportation and funding source to provide exceptional care. We are one of the top Detroit physical therapy clinics.

Board-certified physicians are always available to continually monitor and revise your treatment plan. If you are searching for a Dearborn Physical therapy clinic that is ready to help you now, look no further.

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Our Advantages


Physical Therapy services

Your personal physical therapy begins with a comprehensive evaluation of functional limitations and areas of pain including postural and biomechanical assessments, to diagnose your problem.

Our team of expert physical therapists will design a treatment plan based on your goals, lifestyle necessities, and work-related needs.

We provide a team approach and with our patient's direction will consult any involved parties including your family, physician, case manager, employer etc.

When you are ready for discharge, you will receive a personalized home exercise program to allow you to further enhance your rehabilitation while safely performing your daily activities. If you are searching for a leading Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area physical therapy clinic, give us a call!

Physical Therapy FAQ's

What should I wear to physical therapy?

You should wear clothing that is comfortable and loose-fitting. Make sure you wear clothing that allows you to move around easily. If your physical therapy session will be focusing on your knees or ankles, consider wearing shorts so that they can be easily accessed by your physical therapist. We specialize in physical therapy detroit, give us a call today!

How many physical therapy visits will I need?

The number of physical therapy visits you may need can vary greatly. A key factor that can affect this is the type of injury you have that you are seeking treatment for. The extent of this injury will also be an important factor. Your doctor and your physical therapist can provide you with a more specific timeframe as far as the number of visits you will need. Detroit Physical therapy should be taken seriously at our Allen park physical therapy clinic.

Why should I choose physical therapy at Preferred Rehab?

Physical therapy detroit at Preferred Rehab is always a good idea! If you are suffering from an injury or from underlying pain, a physical therapist can work with you to determine the source of your pain or the reason(s) behind why you sustained the injury you did. Your physical therapist can then work to alleviate your pain and any other symptoms associated with your injury. This is done using a variety of techniques such as manual therapy, soft tissue work, and strengthening exercises. Speak with a Detroit physical therapist at our allen park clinic today!

What does a physical therapist do?

A Detroit physical therapist works with you to create a unique treatment plan to help alleviate your pain and put you on a recovery path after an injury. This plan is based on your own individual needs, which will help to ensure that you are able to recover as quickly, painlessly, and easily as possible.

When can I stop going to physical therapy?

The exact time frame you will need to attend physical therapy will be based on the physical healing goals that you and your physical therapist will work together to establish. Generally speaking, this may be a period of about six to eight weeks. However, it is important to bear in mind that this number can vary depending on the extent of the injury or pain for which you are seeking treatment.

How often should I go to physical therapy?

This number depends on the extent of your injury or pain. Your doctor, or your physical therapist, will help to determine exactly how often you should go to physical therapy. You may only need to go once a week, or you may need to go on a daily basis. However, it is important to keep in mind that this can vary greatly on a case by case basis. Choose Preferred Rehabilitation for all of your physical therapy in detroit needs. Physical therapy in Allen park has never been easier!

Meet the PT Team



Physical Therapist

I love my job because i enjoy meeting, treating and helping my patients through their journey of rehabilitation while also having the opportunity to get to know each one of them.

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Physical Therapist

I enjoy working with various personalities & assisting people to improve their quality of life. I enjoy painting and decoration. I also played carom & love to watch cricket & tennis.

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Physical Therapy Assistant

I love the idea of helping someone heal in order to live a healthy fulfilling life. I also love helping patients and seeing them improve their quality of life.

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Pool Therapist

I enjoy interacting with our patients and seeing their progression while they reach their goals. I always enjoy learning how the body works.

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Our highly accredited staff & state of the art facilty is equipped to handle any general to the most complex injuries

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