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Transportation Services from Preferred Rehabilitation

At Preferred Rehabilitation, we recognize that access to reliable transportation can be a significant barrier to receiving consistent and effective therapy services. To guarantee all our patients have the opportunity to attend their appointments without stress, we offer exclusive transportation services designed to provide safe, comfortable, and convenient access to our facility. Our goal is to eliminate transportation hurdles, making it easier for you to focus on your rehabilitation journey.

Tailored Transportation Solutions

  • Door-to-Door Service: Our transportation services provide door-to-door access, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey from your home to our facility and back.
  • Scheduled Pickups: We work closely with our patients to schedule pickups and drop-offs around their appointments, minimizing wait times and ensuring punctuality.
  • Safe, Clean, and Comfortable Vehicles: Safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our vehicles are equipped to accommodate various mobility needs, ensuring a comfortable ride regardless of your physical condition.
  • Professional and Compassionate Drivers: Our drivers are not only trained in safe driving practices, but also in patient sensitivity, ensuring a supportive and friendly experience throughout your transportation needs. Our drivers are fully vetted, have completed a comprehensive disclosure & background check, drug screening, and carry CDL licensing (Commercial Driver's License).

How Our Transportation Service Works

  • Schedule Your Appointment: When you book your rehabilitation appointment at PRI, let us know that you require transportation assistance.
  • Plan Your Pickup: Our Transportation Coordinator will arrange a convenient pickup time and location with you, taking into account your specific needs and appointment time.
  • Enjoy a Stress-Free Ride: On the day of your appointment, our driver will pick you up from your specified location, help you into the vehicle if needed, and ensure your timely arrival at PRI for your appointment.
  • Return Home Safely: After your appointment, we’ll take care of your return journey, securing your, safe and comfortable, return home.

Begin Your Hassle-Free Rehabilitation Journey

Our transportation service is part of Preferred Rehabilitation's integrated approach to patient care, making certain that every aspect of your rehabilitation journey is addressed. By removing the obstacle of transportation, we hope to make our comprehensive, personalized rehabilitation services accessible to everyone.

If you or a loved one requires rehabilitation services but are concerned about transportation, contact Preferred Rehabilitation today. Discover how our transportation services and expert care can support your path to recovery, one ride at a time. Join us at PRI, where your rehabilitation is our mission, and your recovery is our success.

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