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Discover Preferred Rehabilitation's unparalleled level of personalized care, where our dedicated team provides guidance and support throughout your physical therapy journey.

Your personal physical therapy begins with a comprehensive evaluation of our patients' injuries, functional limitations, and areas of pain, which include postural and biomechanical assessments, to accurately diagnose and address all areas of concern. Our experienced Physical Therapy Team will design a treatment plan based on your goals, lifestyle necessities, and work-related needs.

We firmly commit to a team approach, conferring with your physicians, case managers, family, insurance company and employer, if needed. Our network of comprehensive support offers you the greatest comfort throughout your rehabilitation process. When you're ready for discharge, we equip you with your personalized home exercise program. This program is designed to help you safely continue your recovery, while advancing into your daily routine.

At Preferred Rehabilitation, we're dedicated to providing leading physical therapy that focuses on your needs to regain mobility and vitality.

Join our 30-year, extensive community of patients, who have put their trust in our commitment to their journey of recovery. Contact us today to begin your personalized rehabilitation experience.

Physical Therapy for Adolescents

Physical Therapy for Adolescents (9-17 Years)

At Preferred Rehabilitation, we recognize the unique challenges and requirements of providing physical therapy services to adolescents. This developmental stage is characterized by rapid growth, changes in physical and emotional needs, and the pursuit of independence, all of which can be significantly impacted by injuries or physical conditions. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding young patients and their families through a tailored physical therapy program, which addresses their immediate concerns for safe development.

Adolescents experience a range of physical issues, from sports-related injuries to postural problems associated with growing pains and continual use of technology. Our approach to physical therapy for this age group is all-inclusive and compassionate, designed to address physical conditions while being sensitive to their emotional and social challenges.

Why Choose PRI for Adolescent Physical Therapy?

  • Expert Adolescent Care: Our team of physical therapists have specialized certifications in adolescent physiology, enabling them to provide care that is not only effective, but also age-appropriate and engaging.
  • Supportive Environment: At PRI, we create a supportive environment, encouraging open communication and active participation from our young patients and their families.
  • Comprehensive Support System: From the initial evaluation to the completion of their rehabilitation process, we coordinate a seamless and comprehensive support system, for every aspect of our adolescent's care.

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