In the words of our patients….
“I truly believe that starting therapy at Preferred Rehabilitation was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made regarding my recovery. The genuine care and comfort that each patient receives is incredible.”   C. Conrad
 “I would like to tell management how motivated the medical staff made me feel.  When I would be ready to give up, they would keep pushing me,  giving me the positive motivation to go on.  I will miss them a great deal when my therapy is complete.”  K. Lytte

“You have a kind, caring staff who always have a friendly word or greeting with a smile on their face.  I thoroughly enjoyed every therapy session a little more because of them.”  V. Rhinehart

“The most friendly & Knowledgeable staff I have encountered!”   T.  Smith

“This is the best medical facility I have been to in my entire life from top to bottom!”  K. Williams

“Your staff is the best I have ever met.  I have been back 3 times for 3 separate injuries because of them.  They have become great friends to me.”  J.  Oddo

“Your facility is  fantastic!  Keep up the good work.  The staff is the very best of the best.  Thank you for everything!”  T.  Cosby

“I feel your facility meets every need of their patients. I feel your facility should continue to build on what each professional is doing because I am complete satisfied and am making real medical progress.” R. Powell -January 2013

“I am very impressed with the facility and my therapist.  I wish I would have chosen Preferred right after my surgery.” J. Stout-January 2013

“Everyone is wonderful here.  I wouldn’t  change a thing.  Everyone truly cares about your needs.” K. Eliowitz-January 2013

“My experience has been a great one thus far.  When I told a friend that I was a patient here, he told me he had a great experience here also.”  A. Harrison-January 2013




At Preferred Rehabilitation, we take pride in providing the latest technical advancements in rehabilitation to access, test, and treat patients recovering from pain and physical limitations caused by injuries, surgeries, and accidents.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of people recover from pain and injury. Our unique combination of positive motivation, personalized attention, hands-on techniques, and technical expertise will help you achieve a healthier, more active, and enjoyable lifestyle.

At Preferred Rehabilitation, we “hand-hold” our patients through every step of their care. This begins with a complimentary case coordinator making sure there is constant communication with the referral source, patient, the patient’s family, transportation and funding source to develop the proper level of care.

Spine, Sports, & Occupational Medicine, P.C. has board certified physicians available to continually monitor and revise your treatment plan. Prognosis, diagnosis and recommendations are indicative of our “one-on-one” tailored approach to every patient. Our goal for every patient is to improve and reach maximum medical improvement. Thus, a continual review process is always in progress.

We hand hold every patient through every step of their rehabilitation.

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