Why did you choose your field? I was always fascinated with how the human body works, and after high school observed other PT’s working in various sports which propelled my career decision to focus on healthcare.
Credentials: I received my Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from CMF’s College of Physical Therapy, maintaining the rank of one of the top 5 students in the college, in third year, I was honored as the third ranked student in the entire state.

While acting as the Student Council Treasurer, I participated in various social groups as well as did volunteer work in blood donation camps, rallies for infection control of world diseases such as malaria and dengue, and organized Physical Therapy Camps for the elderly & the poor.
I then came to Michigan to attend Oakland University, Ml and received my Master’s of Science Degree in Exercise Science.
I then went on to receive my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Utica College.

I love my job because: I enjoy meeting, treating and helping my patients through their journey of rehabilitation while also having the opportunity to get to know each one of them.

Hobbies: I am constantly trying to learn new skills & knowledge through reading and attending workshops.
I enjoy being outside, hiking, walking, watching sunsets, movies and playing the guitar.
I follow and watch many different sports. I also cook every day.

Where you’ll find me outside of work: I volunteer for the Federation of the State Board of PT developing National PT exam standards of English proficiency. In addition, I assisted in the preparation of the national physical therapy licensing examination.

I am a clinical instructor for Wayne State University PT students.
Something Unique: In addition to my extensive studies and clinical background, I firmly believe that a key element toward exceptional rehabilitation is an approach that starts with a smile and laughter.
I am fluent in 4 different languages., I practice the amazing tool of meditation & mental well being in life & cannot stress enough the importance of these tools. I believe that “Simplicity is the best sophistication” in prioritizing happiness.
I tell my patients, “When Jai is here, have no fear!”

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